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How to save money when buying clothes that you truely love

Cost of living 

The cost of living keeps increasing and living independently for most is becoming more difficult. One thing people are realising today is the importance of enjoying life while building yourself and your life as an individual. 

Enjoying the journey 

Enjoying life meaning making time and effort for going after things that make you happy and feel good. Dressing well is proven to make us feel great about ourselves. It makes us more confident and complete! 

What steps can we take

But how do we dress well and have this great feeling of content if the cost of living is simply too high? The answer is to get creative and make your own t-shirts. Designing your own t-shirt with artworks and quotes that are meaningful to you is the best way to dress well and save 100s of dollars on expensive t-shirts that have pre-made designs that dont mean much to you. 

How to get creative

The best way to find an artwork or design that you love is to do research! Go on youtube and Instagram and look for awesome artwork that means something to you. Don't copy the artwork, but instead be inspired by it and start designing something of your own on pen and paper. It doesn't have to be very far for the piece you were inspired by, but it needs to be something you like.

Pre-made Designs

If you simply cant get creative or dont have time to come up with artworks or designs that you like, you can find free designs or even pay a few dollars for someone else's design and start the printing process. 

Rather than waiting until you have enough money to look good, why not make your own t-shirts and save money and look good now and not later.